"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." -Aristotle

At this time of accelerating chaos on planet Earth, where each of us is called to focus evermore on the light we came here to embody, The Medicine Gate was born out of an acute awareness that Earth’s transformation is dependent on the transformation of man. The culmination of countless hours of study and research in several ancient traditions, depth psychology, mythology, esotericism, mysticism, quantum physics, and metaphysics, The Medicine Gate platform offers an essential exploration into the human psyche that illuminates and integrates the darkness that inhibits the embodiment of our true nature.

Science fiction meets science fact in this highly entertaining and profoundly insightful mythology that encompasses a graphic novel series, film franchise, video game, board game, and multiple web apps, each in service to supporting our global awakening.

The graphic novel series

In a not too distant future, where increasing chaos, species extinction, and climate crisis ravages our planet at an accelerated pace, mankind faces its greatest challenge yet. After mysterious DNA mutations cause millions of people to age rapidly and die, all remaining survivors receive microchip implants that halt this terrible affliction. Our story begins three years later, as mankind eagerly awaits the imminent activation of The Lattice, an alternative energy network that will power the world — and feed humanity — by transmitting solar light through the microchips.

When the corporation that designed the microchips kidnaps a seven year old girl, her uncle Michael narrowly escapes capture thanks to an implant-free alliance known as The Gatekeepers. They reveal to him a shocking truth: No one died during the DNA mutations. Rather, they initiated Earth’s shift into the Multiverse. If not for the microchips, the rest of humanity would have aged out and completed Earth’s transition. Instead, those who aged out — including his wife and son — are stuck in a void between this universe and the Multiverse. He also learns that only his niece can save them. Born at the exact locus in space time that a unique Point of Order emerged, she contains the one thing the Gatekeepers need to override the microchips and release Earth into the Multiverse. This same Point of Order is also the last thing the corporation needs to activate the Lattice. Michael discovers the true purpose of the Lattice is not to power our world and feed humanity with light, but to infest every man, woman and child with a rogue alien race known as the Wetiko.

As the Gatekeepers guide Michael through the reconciliation of his traumatic memories and activate his multidimensional abilities, the Wetiko trap him in a horrific memory. With no way out, Michael must dive into the heart of Earth’s traumatic memories, enter The Medicine Gate, inhabit his star-body, and teleport his niece to the one place on the planet where she can release Earth into the Multiverse before the Wetiko activate the Lattice and render mankind extinct.


Board Game

The Medicine Gate board game functions as an ENTELECHY: “An ordered pattern of light that directs an organism toward the fulfillment of its own nature.” As players progress through seven levels, each with seventeen positions, they activate universal archetypes, integrate ancient wisdom, and discover magical synchronicities that reveal a uniquely hidden order to their lives. The aim of playing The Medicine Gate game is to expand one’s level of being in a way that actively co-creates the collective gateway into what Native Americans refer to as the Fifth World of Illumination.

Using oracle cards and tarot style decks from multiple traditions (such as the Mayan Star Oracle, The Medicine Woman Inner GuideBook cards, and Jamie Sams’ Medicine Cards and Sacred Path Cards, just to name a few), you lay a card on each of the seventeen positions. While this can be done in any order, one option is to open The Gate on the RIGHT HAND position, then move clockwise from the 3 o’clock position (EAST) all the way around to the 2 o’clock position, followed by the BELOW, the LEFT HAND, the ABOVE, and finally the seventeenth WITHIN position.


The medicine gate App

An interactive app version of The Medicine Gate board game that enables users to participate in a journey through The Medicine Gate with kindred spirits from around the world. As a means to activate the passion and inspiration for knowing thy Self, users tap into new and exciting aspects of themselves, where they can integrate and share this creative energy, while witnessing and being witnessed by The Medicine Gate community as we endeavor on this healing journey back to wholeness.

The interactive app version of THE MEDICINE GATE® is currently in development.




video game

A multi-user VR platform takes players on an epic journey through the Multiverse, where players must form alliances with others from around the world, navigating boundless universes in the accumulation of the personal totems, medicine allies, and multidimensional abilities necessary to survive. These global alliances must defend Earth from alien forces that will stop at nothing to eliminate Earth from its rightful place in the Multiverse.

The video game version of THE MEDICINE GATE® is currently in development.