Born out of an acute awareness that the increasing chaos on Earth will require us to expand our perspective into a new paradigm of reality, The Medicine Gate platform is the product of countless hours of researching modern science, ancient traditions, depth psychology, esoteric teachings, and all manner of mythology, mysticism and metaphysics.

With gratitude to Novo Malgapo, Aikau Olveira, and Zen, whose brilliant artwork, vivid colors, and stellar letters brought our graphic novel series to life in profound and beautiful ways, we invite you to open The Medicine Gate…

The graphic novel

At the end of history, what was hidden is revealed.

In a not too distant future, where chaos increases exponentially, AI proliferates, and species go extinct at an accelerated pace, mankind faces its greatest challenge yet. After DNA mutations cause millions of people to age rapidly and die, all remaining survivors receive microchip implants to stop this terrible affliction. Three years later, mankind eagerly awaits the imminent activation of The Lattice, an alternative energy network that will power the world and feed humanity by transmitting solar light through the microchips.

When the corporation that designed the microchips kidnaps a seven year old girl, her uncle Michael narrowly escapes capture thanks to an implant-free alliance known as The Gatekeepers. They reveal to him a shocking truth. No one died during the DNA mutations. They initiated Earth’s shift into the Multiverse. If not for the microchips, the rest of mankind would have done the same, completing Earth’s transition. Instead, everyone that aged out - including Michael’s wife and son - is stuck in a void between this universe and the Multiverse, and his niece is their only hope for salvation. She was born at the exact locus in space time that a Point of Order emerged, making her the one thing the Gatekeepers need to override the microchips and release Earth into the Multiverse. This same Point of Order is also the last thing the corporation needs to activate the Lattice. Michael also learns that if the Lattice activates, it won’t feed humanity with light. It will infest every man, woman and child with a rogue alien race known as the Wetiko.

Michael must traverse the quagmire of his traumatic memories, the reconciliation of which will gain him access to his multidimensional abilities, where he can track down his niece empathically and teleport to her rescue. When the Wetiko trap him in a horrific memory, and the Lattice activation has begun, Michael must enter the labyrinth of Earth’s memories in a desperate attempt to track down the leader of the Wetiko, save his niece, and teleport her to the one place on the planet where she can release Earth into the Multiverse - before the Wetiko render mankind extinct.


Board Game

The Medicine Gate board game is essentially a working model of consciousness that facilitates a connection and interaction with man's common archetypes, medicine allies and spirit guides. When Mac first envisioned the image of seventeen rectangles, he recognized it builds on the traditional structure of a circle, of twelve positions around a thirteenth within, represented throughout many ancient cultures. Adding Above and Below aligns our cosmic consciousness with our subconscious or unconscious. Including Right and Left activates both hemispheres of our brain. All seventeen aspects together show us how to awaken full brain usage, or our multidimensional awareness.

Participants place oracle cards on each of the seventeen positions, activating the specific aspect of the human psyche represented by that position. Weaving objective awareness with our subjective reality, the game provides multifaceted perspectives, valuable insights, and synchronicities that never cease to amaze. While the game can be played solo, there's much to be learned about the magic of traversing The Medicine Gate with friends.


The medicine gate App

An interactive smartphone app version of The Medicine Gate board game is currently in development, one that enables you to participate in a journey through The Medicine Gate with fellow users from around the world.




video game

A multi-user platform takes you on an epic journey through the Multiverse, where players must form alliances with other players from around the world, navigating boundless universes in the accumulation of the personal totems, medicine allies, and multidimensional abilities necessary to survive. These global alliances must defend Earth from alien forces that will stop at nothing to eliminate Earth from its rightful place in the Multiverse.

The video game version of THE MEDICINE GATE® is currently in the design phase of development.