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Michael Numen

A PTSD-stricken Army Ranger who turns to alcohol, pain killers and VR video games as a means of coping with the death of his wife and son during the DNA mutations three years earlier. As the guardian for his niece Sara, Michael goes through the motions of life, barely keeping it together in a world where global chaos and technological immersion is at an all time high.


Sara Diego

Seven-year-old Sara moved in with her uncle Michael after she loses her parents to the DNA mutations three years earlier. When she's kidnapped, a chain of events are set in motion that could render the human race extinct.

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Quartzo "Q" Williams

A lifelong student of esoteric doctrines and prophecies of all ancient cultures, “Q” leads an underground resistance against the Wetiko aliens. Guided by The Star Council to build THE ROSE GRID on August 13, 1999, and with the help of many other people, Q co-created a planetary matrix of rose quartz crystals as a means to maintain Earth’s connection with The Multiverse.



As Q’s daughter, fourteen year old Adya was raised and educated with an acute awareness of humanity’s ultimate quest to evolve Earth into the Multiverse. After her mother transitioned during the mutations, Adya devoted herself to mastering her multidimensional abilities.

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A technological savant, Jing figured out how to program The Rose Grid into the internet, leveling the online playing field with the Wetiko. Forced to retreat from their underground headquarters, Jing and Anai have to combat the Wetiko digitally while on the run. A task made all the more difficult when the Wetiko infiltrate their The Rose Grid.

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As Ra's grandson, Anai was educated in a virtual replica of the library of Alexandria. A vast knowledge of ancient technology, coupled with a genius in modern innovation, gives Anai unparalleled hacking skills and digital wizardry. His online defense against the Wetiko faces the ultimate test when the Wetiko track them down.

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A master scholar of the Aztec Sun Calendar, Ixchel translates the prophecy of Earth’s imminent shift. She's one of a dozen Aztec Gatekeepers conducting ceremony on the Rose Grid.

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An Aztec Gatekeeper, Itzamna performs essential ceremony with his wife Ixchel on the Rose Grid.

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A custodian of the ancient wisdom teachings of the Library of Alexandria, Ra and his grandson Anai defend the Gatekeepers against the Wetiko online.



As the granddaughter of Ixchel and Itzamna, Citlalli grew up training to defend Earth from the Wetiko. 





Thick as thieves with Citlalli (her identical twin sister), and madly in love with Anai, Sochi will take on any task necessary to complete Earth's shift.

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Christine Numen

Michael’s beloved wife, who died with their son three years earlier, during the DNA mutations.

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Dr. Mara Mandal

CEO of Alamance Industries, and creator of the microchip implants that stopped the DNA mutations, Mara works with a fierce obsession to activate The Lattice, an alternative energy network designed to create a more sustainable world.



Dr. Jerome Wilson

The lead scientist at Alamance Industries, Dr. Wilson spearheads the genetic programming necessary for the activation of The Lattice.

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Androids programmed by Artificial Intelligence, and monitored by a security company called Securcon, function as a private army for Alamance Industries.

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The Gatekeepers

Twelve groups of indigenous elders that perform ceremonies at sacred sites around the globe, protecting their fellow Gatekeepers from the Wetiko when the teleport, and keeping the signature of the Multiverse alive on Earth.

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Malego and the Wetiko

An alien species exiled from the Multiverse, the Wetiko comprise ninety five percent of our universe in the form of dark energy and dark matter. They corrupt human behavior with their hunger for death and destruction as a means to abort mankind's evolution.

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The Star Council

Twelve cosmic beings that oversee the billions upon billions of universes throughout the Multiverse, the Star Council created our universe as a prison for the Wetiko.

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